What Are the Best Snacks for Diabetics?


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The best snacks for diabetics are those low in sugar with a low glycemic index to ensure hunger is curbed without raising blood sugar levels too high, according to Diabetes UK. These include snacks such as cereal, wholegrain bread, dried fruit and rice crackers.

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What Are the Best Snacks for Diabetics?
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People with diabetes need to monitor what they eat more closely than those who do not have diabetes because the glucose in the food affect blood sugar levels, reports Diabetes UK. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition whereby the body no longer produces insulin, the hormone responsible for allowing sugar into the cells. People with this condition must inject insulin whenever carbohydrates are consumed, therefore reducing the amount of sugar in snacks decreases the number of injections needed. Type 2 diabetes can often be controlled with a good diet and exercise without the need for injecting insulin, therefore the less sugar in snacks the better. The American Diabetes Association has compiled a list of foods containing low and high amounts of sugar.

High blood sugar levels for those with diabetes can cause long-term complications and permanent damage to nerves all over the body; however, this must be balanced with considering low blood sugar levels, which carries its own risks. Sometimes higher carbohydrate snacks are advised when recovering from hypo or low blood sugar. Diabetes UK always recommends speaking with a local diabetic team for advice as diet should be tailored individually for each person with diabetes.

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