What Smith & Nephew Products Are Available for Knee Replacements?


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Smith & Nephew offer an array of products designed for specialized knee procedures, including the Legion/Genesis II Total Knee System and the Journey Active Knee Solutions, according to the official company website. Smith & Nephew states that it is a world leader in joint replacement systems for knees.

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Smith & Nephew is an advanced medical technology business offering services known as orthopaedics reconstruction, or joint replacement for knees, hips and shoulders, states the company. The Legion Total Knee System, with multiple options for simple to complex knee replacement, is designed to help restore function while preserving soft tissue and bone in the reconstructed joint. Genesis II, a member of the Legion family, reportedly has simple instrumentation that reduces surgical time and provides a more precise fit.

The Journey Active Knee Solutions, according to Smith & Nephew, provide a more normal feeling and motion through bone ligament preservation and anatomic replication. The Journey system also provides a higher level of function for total knee replacement patients, allowing them to return to normally active lifestyles. Both systems, the Legion and Journey, use Visionaire patient-matched instrumentation and Verilast technology. Verilast is used to reduce wear in the joint replacement systems, while Visionaire uses the patient's own MRI and full leg X-ray to produce a cutting guide specific to the patient's exact anatomy.

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