How Do You Get a Smaller Waist?

Trimming belly fat and getting a smaller waist requires combining a healthy, calorie-reduced diet with core strengthening and cardiovascular exercises. However, spot reduction does not work. The best way to lose belly fat is to teach the body to burn fat more effectively and use calories to feed the muscles rather than store as fat. Another habit that can reduce belly fat is to eliminate carbonated drinks and excess sodium.

Crunches and other core strengthening exercises work the abdominal muscles, but without eliminating or shrinking the layer of belly fat on top, they cannot be seen. Working the internal and external oblique muscles is important for shaping the waist, but thickening the muscle fibers can also cause the waist to widen correspondingly.

To avoid slipping into an unhealthy mentality, do not use a scale to track progress. As fat burns and muscle mass increases, it is not uncommon to gain a few pounds despite looking smaller. Instead, use a measuring tape or a pair of jeans. In the meantime, improve posture and avoid hunching over while sitting and standing to look smaller and slimmer.

While some people find it easier than others to lose weight or keep it off due to genetics, it is still possible for anyone to create a slimmer silhouette through diet and exercise.