How Do You Get a Small Waist and Big Hips?

According to AZ Central, a slim waist and big hips can be achieved through cardio exercise, proper diet, weight training and hips and buttocks exercises. Weight training can help a person trim the waist, while building muscles in the hips and butt.

Hips and buttocks exercises help maintain the size and shape of these areas. A good workout routine to develop these muscles includes: squats, hip abductions, lunges, leg raises, hyper-extensions and cable push-pulls.

AZ Central explains that performing cardiovascular exercises, such as aerobics, running and cycling, can facilitate overall weight loss. This naturally reduces fat around the waist. Additionally, the person must reduce the overall caloric intake by regulating the consumption of sugar. It is recommended to replace these simple carbohydrates with lean proteins, such as chicken breasts, turkey and tofu. The body uses protein for muscle growth.