How Do You Help Small Children and Teens Be Emotionally Stable Through a Divorce?


Divorce usually impacts any children involved far more than it does the parents, regardless of the children's ages. The biggest keys to making sure that children of divorce make it through the ordeal without any lasting emotional scars are communication and patience, according to WebMD.

According to WebMD, there are certain common mistakes divorcing parents often unknowingly make that can make all of the difference to the well-being of the children involved if they avoid them. The most common mistake is a lack of communication. Children should understand what is happening between their parents and how this affects the family unit moving forward. However, do not make the mistake of turning the child into the parent or therapist when communicating with them. Children should only know enough to understand the basics of the situation, and they should never bear witness to any malicious language or behavior between their parents. Children should never be privy to the intimate details of their parents' disputes or be made to feel as though they must choose sides between their parents.

WebMD encourages divorcing parents to reassure the children that they are still loved and understood. Listen to them openly and support them. It is likely that they are experiencing a range of emotions, and they need to know that both parents are there to simply listen to them vent. Make every effort to keep the children's lives as intact as possible during and after the divorce to maintain a sense of normalcy.