What Are Some SLS-Free Toothpastes?

Many natural toothpaste brands such as Jason, Kiss My Face, Weleda and Earthpaste do not contain SLS. These brands are available on Amazon.com. SLS stands for sodium lauryl sulfate and is a foaming agent.

Natural toothpastes are usually also free from artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, fluoride, preservatives, parabens and artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. Some of the natural ingredients used in these kinds of toothpastes include calcium carbonate, silica, sodium bicarbonate and vegetable glycerine. Manufacturers also use salt, clay, herbal extracts and essential oils in natural toothpastes. Natural toothpastes often come in a variety of flavors per brand. Peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, cinnamon and fennel are some of the more common flavors.