Is SlimQuick Safe for Women?

Although the manufacturer says its diet supplement Slimquick is safe, the product has several serious side effects, including dizziness, headache, nervousness, tremors and sleeplessness, states Consumer Health Digest. People who have cardiac conditions or diabetes shouldn't use Slimquick, advises the magazine.

Slimquick, designed especially for women, may interact with other medications or supplements, warns Dietspotlight.

The recommended dose is two capsules a day separated by a six-hour interval during the first week and four capsules beginning the second week, states ConsumerHealthDigest. This supplement is designed to overcome hormonal adjustments while undergoing weight loss. Slimquick products contain six complex ingredients, including Aquaplex, Cortifem, Estrotrim, Nutratherm and Xtend absorption and time-released complex.