How Do You Slim Your Waist?


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A person can achieve a slim waist through leg lifts, lunges and cardio exercises. Those seeking a slimmer waist also need to eat a diet that includes lean protein, whole grains, low-fat diary, and fruits and vegetables.

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Cardio exercise sheds pounds around the waist and the entire body. For instance, anywhere from 150 to 300 minutes of cardio activity each week secures extra weight loss. Dieters can lose 500 calories each day by running or cycling. Walking each day equates to 1/2 pound of weight loss for the week. Doing at least two to three strength training exercises each week helps to slim the waist.

Workouts that focus on the waist are important as well. When doing squats, a person must hold 3-pound weights in each hand while engaging in the workout. It is important to remain upright while lowering into the squatting stance, and hold out the arms in a forward position. A set of 20 reps gets the best results. When doing leg lifts, it is best to begin on all fours, and hold the right leg in a straight position. The left arm is then held out in a way that lines with the shoulders. The process is completed by remaining in the position for at least a minute, returning to the original position and following through with 20 reps. Switching sides when finished gives an even workout for the body.

Reducing calorie intake of anywhere between 250 and 500 calories a day leads to a range of 1/2 to 1 pound of weight loss for the week. It is equally important to drink more water while dieting and to avoid junk food of any kind.

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