What Are Slim Fast Coupons?

What Are Slim Fast Coupons?

Slim Fast coupons, such as those found on CouponCabin.com, PassionForSavings.com and Checkout51.com, are limited-time offers that give the user discounts on Slim Fast products. In order to use the coupons in-store, the customer must print the coupons.

The Slim Fast brand manufactures meal replacement products, in the form of bars, shakes and packaged snack foods. As detailed on the Slim Fast website, the products are designed to aid in weight loss.

Slim Fast coupons generally offer deals on the cost of boxes of bars or drinks. CouponCabin.com lists a number of expired coupons as examples, but as of May 2015 there are no valid Slim Fast coupons available on the site. The expired coupons offered deals that included both percentage discounts and flat rate discounts on the price of Slim Fast meal replacements.

Checkout51.com also lists past offers on Slim Fast products. Past coupons on this website include $1 cash-back vouchers for Slim Fast meal replacement bars and shakes.

When searching for coupons online, it is advisable to check the date that the company posted the coupons, in order to ensure that they are still useful. On its FAQ page, PassionForSavings.com notes that companies sometimes limit coupons to a certain number of prints. When a predetermined number of customers have printed a particular coupon, the company discontinues it.