Is Slight Nerve Damage Repairable?


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Although nerve damage is normally progressive, treating slight nerve damage early may help prevent irreparable damage, as stated by WebMD. Patients should consult with a health care professional as soon as symptoms appear to achieve the most positive outcome.

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The Sunderland Classification system splits nerve damage into five categories, with first-degree injuries normally resolving within several hours to several weeks and fifth-degree injuries requiring surgical intervention, as stated by John Hopkins Medicine. One of the first steps to treating nerve pain and nerve damage is to treat the underlying condition, which may include solving nutritional deficiencies, switching medications, addressing nerve trauma or compression through physical therapy and regulating blood sugar levels if the patient has diabetes, according to WebMD.

While some cases of nerve pain get better on their own or with treatment, others take months or years to resolve while some cases cannot be reversed, as confirmed by WebMD. Patients can relieve mild nerve pain through exercising, soaking in a warm bath, avoiding alcohol, meditating or applying a topical anesthetic. Patients may also need prescription medications such as anti-seizure drugs, tricyclic antidepressants or pain relievers. Some individuals find relief by applying capsaicin cream, a medication made from hot chili peppers that may cause a burning sensation when first applied.

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