How Do You Get to Sleep Quickly?


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Exercising during the day, avoiding caffeine in the evenings and using melatonin or lavender to help relax the body naturally are a few ways to get to sleep quickly, according to Sarah Klein of the Huffington Post. A combination of these methods with daily routines that create a normal and natural sleep pattern also help to induce quick sleep.

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The first step to inducing quick sleep on a routine basis is to create and stick to a daily routine, Huffington Post's Klein suggests. This routine consists of waking up at the same time and going to sleep at the same time. This helps to reset the body into a natural sleep and wake cycle.

Performing muscle relaxation exercises in the evening and eliminating caffeine after a specific time works to reduce energy in the body and helps the body naturally calm down, Huffington Post states. This relaxation leads to sound and restful sleep throughout the night as well as easier initial sleep patterns.

If sleeping is still difficult, natural supplements such as melatonin, Valerian root and lavender may be introduced into the nightly routine, Huffington Post suggests. These supplements help to reduce stress and increase relaxation to allow the body to ease into sleep and create a restful sleeping pattern throughout the night. Seek medical advice before adding any supplements to daily routines.

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