How Do You Go to Sleep in Five Minutes?


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Falling asleep in five minutes likely isn't possible unless you are severely sleep deprived, says the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, but methods to fall asleep faster include adopting a bedtime routine, performing relaxation techniques and minimizing noise distractions, according to Business Insider. Deep breathing exercises may also encourage faster sleep.

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Relaxation techniques often soothe people into sleep faster as the body is more relaxed and ready to retire for the evening, according to Business Insider. Common techniques include relaxing the toes by tensing the muscles and then releasing a few times to release stress from the body. Practice deep breathing to slow down adrenaline and fall asleep faster. Inhale slowly and visualize clean, fresh air entering the lungs. While exhaling, imagine negativity, stress and toxins releasing from the body to create a serene and sleepy state of mind.

A firm pillow may provide more comfort and encourage sleep, according to Business Insider. A medium-firm pillow supports the head and the neck and allows people to assume a more comfortable position when trying to sleep. A nonallergenic pillow reduces the risk of allergic reactions to dust mites that may prevent sleep.

A person who falls asleep within five minutes may suffer from a sleep disorder, states the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, and should see a health care provider.

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