How Do You Get to Sleep Fast?


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A person can fall asleep faster by minimizing outside noises and distractions, using relaxation techniques and keeping cool. Other habits that help with falling asleep include writing in a journal a couple hours before bed and taking a hot bath before sleeping.

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Noises make it difficult to fall asleep. Noise canceling headphones can block outside noises and play a relaxing soundtrack. Outside light also interferes with sleeping. Blackout curtains help keep the bedroom completely dark.

One simple relaxation technique a person can use is flexing the muscles in the body one by one for seven seconds, then relaxing. A deep breathing technique that relaxes the body involves visualization. To use this technique, visualize air filling the lungs, cleaning out the body with each inhale, and negativity leaving the body with each exhale.

Cooler temperatures make it easier to fall asleep. The ideal temperature range for sleeping is between 65 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Robert Oexman, director of the Sleep to Live Institute. Methods of keeping cool at night include a cooling mattress pad and breathable pajamas.

If a person is concerned about any life events, he should write about them in a journal at least a couple hours before bed. Contemplating these events earlier in the evening allows him to keep his mind clear when he goes to sleep.

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