How Do You Get Skinny Fingers?


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To get skinny fingers, reduce your calorie consumption, perform cardiovascular exercises, increase your water intake and reduce your sodium consumption. Consult a doctor before starting a new diet or exercise program. Letting your nails grow a bit longer makes the fingers appear skinnier.

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How Do You Get Skinny Fingers?
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Finger length and hand shape can't be changed much, as these are both primarily determined by genetics. Fingers that look fat can be changed, because they are usually caused by water retention or fat on the fingers due to being overweight. It's impossible to target fat loss toward one part of the body, so losing fat on the fingers requires losing fat on the rest of the body as well.

Track how many calories you eat during a typical day, and reduce it to lose weight. Eat healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and eggs. Cardiovascular exercises, such as running, biking and swimming, burn calories which aids weight loss. Perform interval training, which is alternating between high and low cardiovascular activity during a workout, for variety.

Water retention is caused by not drinking enough water and consuming too much sodium. Reduce sodium by substituting herbs and spices for salt. Certain colors of nail polish, such as nude shades, make the fingers appear longer.

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