How Do You Get Skinny Arms Fast?

How Do You Get Skinny Arms Fast?

You can get skinnier arms in approximately four weeks by completing a specific workout routine for 20 minutes, three times a week. There are seven exercise moves in the workout routine, including Aerocross jump rope, Aerolean push-ups, wrist circulars, floor pull-ups, one-armed tricep dips, weighted punches and Aerobox moves.

  1. Gather your equipment

    The seven moves centered on getting skinnier arms require very little exercise equipment. The only tools necessary are a jump rope, a stopwatch or clock, a set of 1-pound weights and a set of 2-pound weights.

  2. Begin with jump rope exercises

    It is important to begin your workout session with a round of jump rope in order to tire out your arm muscles for a more efficient response when exercising them with 1- or 2-pound weights.

  3. Perform each exercise at 60-second intervals for three sets total

    Instead of counting how many reps are done for each exercise during the workout, this routine centers around doing each exercise for a specific amount of time. Do each exercise for 60 seconds without stopping, then take a short break before returning to do the exercise intervals two more times. Then move on to the next exercise.

  4. Complete the exercises in the specific order

    While you do not need to keep track of how many reps you can or should be doing for each exercise, completion of the seven exercises for skinnier arms needs to be done in the specific order so that the muscles can be exercised most efficiently for the best results possible.

  5. Do the arm workout routine three times a week

    If all seven arm-sculpting exercises are completed properly three times a week, you will achieve skinny arms in about a month.