What Skin Symptoms Indicate That You Should Visit a Dermatologist?


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Patients with skin symptoms such as a red, raised rash, dry skin patches that linger for weeks, and pigmented patches on the skin should visit a dermatologist, according to Prevention. People with acne breakouts that do not respond to traditional, over-the-counter treatments should also visit a dermatologist.

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Additional skin problems that should be evaluated by a dermatologist include discolored nails that are not attributed to nail polish, scaly patches on the skin that do not improve with lotion applications, and thinning hair, explains Prevention.

Many skin problems can be evaluated and treated by a dermatologist with prescription medications, topical treatments and changes in lifestyle habits, according to Prevention. Hair loss caused by stress may require cortisone injections or advanced treatment for health issues causing the hair loss. Scaly or dry patches on the skin may be a symptom of ringworm, which is a fungal infection that requires treatment with antifungal medications and prescription ointments. Light brown patches on the skin could be a sign of a sweat-induced yeast infection on the surface of the skin, which is treated with medications that control yeast in the body. White or yellow nails could be an indication of fungal growth, which commonly indicates that a bacterial infection exists around or in the nail. A dermatologist has the knowledge and resources to evaluate, analyze and diagnose skin problems to provide treatment options for patients with skin problems.

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