What Makes Your Skin Itch Without a Rash or a Bug Bite?


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There are a number of reasons the skin may itch without a rash or bug bites, such as aging, dry skin and pregnancy, according to MedlinePlus. Itching may occur over the entire body or in a localized area.

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People can treat itchy skin at home, claims MedlinePlus. The most important thing for people to do is refrain from scratching the skin. The more a person scratches, the more irritated the skin may become. The fingernails may break the skin, leading to infection. Individuals with itchy skin should avoid wearing clothing that can irritate the skin, such as wool sweaters, until the itching has stopped.

Using lotion and moisturizers are also recommended for those who are experiencing itching, explains MedlinePlus. Since most itchy skin without a rash or bug bite is caused by dry skin, applying a moisturizer may clear it up almost immediately. Bathing in cornstarch or oatmeal may also help when it comes to treating itchy skin. Cold compresses and avoiding heat or sweating are things that can bring relief to itchy skin. Itchy skin can be treated with over-the-counter remedies such as oral Benadryl or topical hydrocortisone cream. If itchy skin does not heal on its own in several days, individuals are advised to see a doctor.

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