Is Skin Cancer on the Scalp Common?


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Skin cancer on the scalp is a common occurrence, according to Mayo Clinic. The scalp is frequently exposed to sunlight in most people, which makes skin cancer more likely to develop there.

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Skin cancer on the scalp can also be more dangerous than some other locations, reports Skin Check WA. This is probably because it is difficult for people to check their own scalps, so small changes or new moles frequently go unnoticed. This leads to a later diagnosis, which tends to have a worse prognosis. It is also possible that the large number of blood vessels in the scalp help the cancer spread more quickly.

Cancerous lesions develop similarly on the scalp as on the rest of the body, according to Mayo Clinic. A lesion may take the form of a new mole or changes to an existing mole. Other lesions may look like raised, hard bumps or splotches of pink or red. Some skin cancers cause sores that do not heal normally. Itchy or painful moles or lesions are other signs that skin cancer may be present.

People who think they have skin cancer should see qualified doctors for diagnosis and treatment, according to Skin Check WA. It is also good to get preventative checks periodically and for people to monitor their own skin for any changes. It may be easier for people to enlist the help of friends or family members for scalp checks.

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