What Do Skill-Related Fitness Activities Improve?

Skill-related fitness activities are designed to improve both fitness and performance, especially factors like speed, reaction time, co-ordination, power, balance and agility, as reported by the BBC. At public schools, elementary school students are exposed to skill-related fitness exercises and activities that are relatively easy to perform. Some simple skill-related fitness activities include line jumping and side shuttling to improve agility, short sprinting to improve speed, backwards hopping to improve balance, standing long jumping to improve power and coin catching to improve reaction time.

Participating in skill-related fitness activities and exercises has been known to improve one's overall health and physical abilities. Skill-related fitness activities help refine and develop gross motor skills, and are the foundation for more complex activities.

Agility refers to the body's ability to change positions whereas balance refers to the individual's ability to retain their center of mass for support. Coordination refers to the ability to use two or more body parts at the same time with control and skill while power refers to the ability to use strength at certain speeds. Reaction time refers to the individual's ability to respond when a stimulus is presented and speed refers to the rate of which the activity or movement was exercised.