How Do You Know What Size Snowboard You Need?


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The rider's height or the rider's weight can be used to determine the length of the board. The heavier or taller the rider, the longer the snowboard needed to provide a smooth and stable ride.

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Snowboarders tend to size by height by purchasing a snowboard that reaches near the chin, or by using a formula that multiples their height in inches by 0.88 to get the board length in inches. When sizing by weight, snowboarders use a sizing chart; generally, a 100-pound snowboarder is best served by a board of between 55 to 57.5 inches in length, whereas a 200-pound snowboarder would use a 62- to 65-inch board. In some instances a snowboarder might choose to go with an undersized or oversized board, as undersized boards provide more maneuverability, while oversized boards increase stability.

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