What Is the Size of a 2.2 Cm Mass on the Liver?


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A mass of 2.2 centimeters is just under one inch in length as 2.54 centimeters is equivalent to 1 inch, according to Metric Conversions. In comparative terms, the liver itself is approximately 7 centimeters in women and 10.5 centimeters in men, explains the National Institutes of Health.

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A mass on the liver may be a malignant liver tumor or one of a variety of benign liver lesions, such as a cyst. Cysts that are smaller than 1 centimeter are difficult for radiologists to characterize, according to the Stritch School of Medicine. Trans-abdominal ultrasound is inferior to CT or MRI scans for diagnosing liver metastases. Findings may include single or multiple masses.

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