What Are Some Six-Week Training Programs for a 5K Race?


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Fitness Magazine and Shape offer six-week training programs for running a 5K race on their respective websites. Both programs use interval training, but each uses different techniques to build up to running 5 kilometers.

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Fitness Magazine advises working at a rate of perceived exertion of five or six on a scale of one to 10 during each training session. The first week involves walking 3 to 5 miles four days a week, walking briskly for 1 mile and jogging for two minutes every 1/2 mile. The second week involves alternating walking and running every five minutes. Run for 10 minutes and walk for seven minutes on the third week, and run 15 minutes and walk five during the fourth and fifth weeks. Finally, run 25 minutes and walk five minutes during the sixth week.

Shape's plan requires running three days a week, performing strength training two days a week and resting two days a week. The plan begins with running for three minutes and walking for 30 seconds and builds up to a 3-mile run by the end of week five. Complete a base run two days a week and a long run one day a week. Run as much as possible during the long run starting on the fourth week rather than doing interval runs and walks.

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