How Do You Get a Six Pack for Girls?


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Women can get a six pack by consistently engaging in regular cardiovascular exercise, and lifting weights properly. A clean and balanced diet that includes healthy protein, fats and carbohydrates is also essential to toning the stomach.

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  1. Engage in cardiovascular exercise

    Burn excess abdominal fat by engaging in moderate to intense cardiovascular exercise such as walking, jogging, running or cycling. Aim for exercise that elevates your heart rate to your target heart rate for weight loss, and strive to keep it within that range for the majority of your workout.

  2. Lift weights

    The key to toning the abdominal muscles and getting a six pack is proper form while lifting weights. Avoid arching your back or straining your neck while lifting. Keep your back, neck and shoulders straight, and your abdominal muscles tight to strengthen, tone and shape the abdominal region.

  3. Eat a clean and balanced diet

    Avoid processed foods such as cookies, crackers, breads and fast food. Instead, eat small, balanced meals throughout the day. Include lean protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates in each meal. Chicken and egg whites are good sources of protein, while olive oil and brown rice provide healthy fats and carbohydrates. Drink plenty of water each day to stay hydrated and increase the elasticity of the skin, which gives the stomach a smooth and toned look.

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