How Do You Get a Six Pack?

How Do You Get a Six Pack?

To get six-pack abdominal muscles, perform the bicycle technique at least twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening. You need an exercise mat before beginning the exercise.

  1. Spread the exercise mat on the floor, and lie on it

    Fold your legs at 90 degrees, and place your hands behind your head. Push the right leg out while extending the left leg towards your chest without moving your hands.

  2. Begin pedaling in the air

    Push the right leg towards your chest, and stretch the left leg. Perform this procedure repeatedly as if you are pedaling in the air.

  3. Begin moving your elbow towards your knee

    Move your right elbow to meet your left knee above your stomach. To increase the intensity of the workout, avoid moving your hips. Move your left elbow to meet your right knee, and repeat the procedure by shifting both elbows and knees.

  4. Keep one elbow on the floor as you move the other

    When the left elbow meets the right knee above your stomach, the right elbow must be on the floor, and the left knee stretched out. For best results, maintain consistency, eat a low-calorie diet and drink at least five glasses of water every day.