Does Sitting in the Same Position All Day Cause Neck Pain?


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Sitting in the same position all day can cause neck pain, especially if there are no breaks and the desk and chairs are not correctly adjusted, says Mayo Clinic. A person sitting all day with the phone often tucked between the ear and shoulder can also experience neck pain.

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One reason sitting in the same position all day causes neck pain is due to muscle stress, according to Mayo Clinic. Muscles get overused when they lock for hours into a position such as hunching over. Taking frequent breaks and using phone headsets help prevent neck pain, and so does keeping the head tilted back to cut down on stressing the neck. Teeth gritting should be bypassed. Neck stretches, such as moving the neck to one side and keeping it there for half a minute, also help. The stretches should be done in as many positions as possible.

A rock visualization test is one way to envision correct sitting posture, according to Ease-Up. A person in a seated position should be able to drop a rock from her ear and have the rock land on her shoulder. A lumbar roll positioned at the lower back also helps avoid neck pain when sitting all day. People at a computer should not need to bend their necks to see the keyboard. Wrists need to be flat, with elbows lining up with the keyboard.

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