What Are Some Sitter Services for the Elderly?


Sitter services are just one component of long-term care for the elderly. These services include adult day care, community-based services, assisted-living and in-home care. Sitter services prevent hospitalization of elderly adults by providing alternative care and compassion in a comfortable environment.

Sitter services as part of adult day care help to put families at ease by alleviating the burden of being a caregiver. Services include assistance in activities of daily living, such as help to the bathroom, grocery shopping, transportation and preparing meals. These community-based services allow elderly adults to remain independent while providing some supervision.

Some sitter services are provided in an adult day care center or assisted-living facility. These services include education, counseling, recreational activities and socialization. This allows elderly adults to interact with other individuals and feel like part of a community. Caregivers in this type of facility are also trained to manage medication and provide health screenings.

In-home services are provided by a community-based program or through skilled nursing agencies. Nursing care can include medication administration, giving vaccines and providing nutrition via a feeding tube. Physical or speech therapy is also offered by in-home care agencies.

Sitter services are unlikely to be covered by Medicare. However, many federal or state agencies provide financial assistance to those who qualify for these services.