What Sites Have Images of Bell's Palsy Patients?


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Several health facilities and institutes, such as The Facial Paralysis Institute and the Pediatrics Department of Stanford’s School of Medicine, have images of Bell’s palsy patients on their websites. The Facial Paralysis Institute provides photos of Bell's palsy patients from various age groups, while the latter presents images of newborns.

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What Sites Have Images of Bell's Palsy Patients?
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The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke describes Bell’s palsy as the temporary paralysis of facial muscles resulting from trauma or damage to the seventh cranial nerve, also known as the facial nerve. It is the most common cause of facial paralysis. As of 2014, data suggests that roughly 40,000 Americans are afflicted with Bell’s palsy each year. Individuals who are suffering from upper respiratory tract diseases or diabetes are at a higher risk of developing Bell’s palsy.

The primary symptom of Bell’s palsy is the sudden onset of facial weakness or paralysis, according to WebMD. Symptoms are often restricted to one side of the face, because Bell’s palsy commonly affects only one of the two facial nerves. Patients who have Bell’s palsy find it impossible to close the eye in the affected side, wrinkle their forehead, smile and grimace. Pain in or behind the ear may precede facial paralysis by a few days.

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