What Sites Have Diets for Diabetics?


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The American Diabetes Association and WebMD both have websites that provide dietary information for people with diabetes. Following a proper diet helps to keep blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels regulated, according to the American Diabetes Association.

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What Sites Have Diets for Diabetics?
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Speaking with a doctor or a dietitian is an ideal way to form a personal diet plan and tracking method that improves health and prevents additional complications, notes the American Diabetes Association. Tracking foods being eaten also allows people with diabetes to take insulin and exercise in appropriate amounts.

People with diabetes should try to space out their carbohydrates intake evenly throughout each meal, states WebMD. Some people with diabetes need to track their carbohydrate consumption closely throughout the day. Healthy sources of carbohydrates include starchy vegetables, milk, yogurt and whole grains. Beans and nuts are also appropriate carbohydrate sources. Complex carbohydrates should be eaten instead of simple carbohydrates, such as sugar.

Too much salt increases the risk of high blood pressure, according to WebMD. A proper diet for people with diabetes includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, ideally with each meal. People with diabetes should eat plenty of fiber-rich foods, such as legumes, whole grains and fruits and vegetables. Foods that contain trans or saturated fats should be avoided. People with diabetes should eat lean meats, such as skinless chicken breast or fish.

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