How Is Sinus Blockage Treated With Surgery?


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Sinus blockage can be treated through different surgical operations, including functional endoscopic sinus surgery and balloon catheter dilation of sinus ostia. A doctor may only recommend a surgery if all other forms of medication fail to work. Usually, the main reason for a surgical operation is to improve the drainage of the affected sinus, as stated by Patient.

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In a sinus blockage, swelling and irritation caused by an allergy tend to narrow the opening of the sinus thus inhibiting the movement of mucus. When medications fail to clear up the condition, surgery may be required. Surgery may also be recommended if a person has another abnormality, such as nasal polyps, which inhibit nasal drainage.

During a nasal endoscopic sinus surgery, the surgeon inserts an endoscope that contain lenses into the nose, as stated by Patient. This allows the doctor to view the inside of the nose easily. He or she locates the issue that causes the blockage and removes it.

In a balloon catheter dilation of the sinus ostia, the doctor pushes a small balloon into the affected sinus. The balloon is inflated, widening the blocked area. It is then deflated and removed. The main goal is to make the sinus wide to allow easy drainage.

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