What Is a Simple Home Remedy for Constipation?

simple-home-remedy-constipation Credit: Heather Hammond/CC-BY 2.0

Simple home remedies for constipation include implementing fruits and vegetables into the diet, increasing water intake and elevating the feet with a step stool when passing bowel movements, explains WebMD. Eating bran at the start of the day may also relieve symptoms.

People suffering from constipation may also find relief by exercising on a regular basis, as physical exertion stimulates intestinal muscles, explains Mayo Clinic. Sufferers should defecate as soon as they have the urge to do so. If natural home remedies prove ineffective, over-the-counter laxative supplements and lubricants, such as mineral oil, may soften stools. In certain cases, chronic constipation requires treatment with prescription medications or surgical procedures to treat internal colon problems.