What Are Some Simple Exercises for Seniors?

What Are Some Simple Exercises for Seniors?

Some simple exercises for seniors include squats, arm raises, bicep curls and push-ups. Others include leg raises, chair stands and various stretches. Stretching is a beneficial exercise as it improves flexibility of the body.

Squats are very beneficial to promoting seniors' lower body strength, and they are also a low-impact exercise. While keeping the arms out in front of the body, perform squats by bending to an almost sitting position. Hold the position for a few moments before raising back up to a standing position. Repeat the exercise; for example, perform two sets of 10 reps.

Arm raises help build upper body strength and can be performed with resistance devices such as weights or bands. With the feet flat on the floor and the hands at shoulder height with palms forward, simply raise the arms to the sky.

Perform bicep curls either while seated or standing. With the elbows tucked in and the hands at the sides, lift weights upwards towards the chest. Hold each repetition for around a second before lowering the arms back down.

Push-ups work the muscles in the arms, shoulders and chest and can be modified by doing them against a wall. As with the other exercises, the number of repetitions should be based on one's physical ability and overall health.