Is Silver Nitrate Used to Cauterize?

Silver nitrate is used for chemical cauterization of canker sores. This method is also useful for cauterizing bleeding blood vessels associated with nosebleeds, states WebMD. Chemical cauterization also may be appropriated for certain types of umbilical stump complications.

Silver nitrate is a caustic agent that can be an effective treatment option for aphthous stomatitis, also referred to as canker sores, according to the National Institutes of Health's PubMed. The results of a study, which was conducted on some subjects with this condition, showed that cauterization treatment with silver nitrate helped with ulcer pain and the healing time was faster.

Cauterization with silver nitrate may also be appropriate for umbilical granuloma, which occurs when a child's umbilical stump develops a small lump consisting of red tissue, notes eMedicineHealth. The procedure is done to burn this tissue off.