What Are Some Signs That a Woman Is Suffering From Indigestion?

Symptoms of indigestion include abdominal pain, bloating or feeling full, nausea and vomiting, gas and belching, and burning in the abdomen and/or stomach, according to WebMD. Indigestion symptoms often increase when a person is dealing with stressful situations.

Indigestion affects both men and women of all ages, reports WebMD. Emotional problems, excessive alcohol consumption, digestive tract abnormalities and the use of stomach-irritating drugs increase a person's risk of experiencing indigestion.

Causes of indigestion include ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux disease, irritable bowel syndrome, thyroid disease, chronic pancreatitis, stomach infections and pregnancy, according to WebMD. Indigestion accompanied with bloody vomit, black or tarry stools, weight loss or severe pain in the right abdomen may indicate a serious health problem.