What Are Some Signs of Uric Acid Buildup?


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Signs of uric acid buildup include gout, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome and heart disease, according to PubMed Central. A buildup of uric acid is called hyperuricemia.

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What Are Some Signs of Uric Acid Buildup?
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Hyperuricemia is diagnosed when the uric acid level in the blood is higher than 6.8 milligrams per deciliter at normal body temperature, says PubMed Central. It is a common condition, and it is often asymptomatic.

Gout, a type of arthritis, occurs when crystals of uric acid attack the joints, says PubMed Central. The pain of this type of arthritis often attacks the big toe, which can lead to deformity if it's not treated, says Mayo Clinic.

Hyperuricemia can also cause chronic kidney disease and kidney stones, claims PubMed Central.

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