What Are Some Signs of Underpronation?


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Signs of underpronation include heel pain, sprained ankles, knee pain and hip pain, according to Foot Vitals. Other symptoms of underpronation are achilles tendonitis, back pain and calluses and corns on the feet.

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Knee problems that could result from underpronation include torn menisci, Iliotibial band friction and patellar tendonitis, says Dr. Nick Campos. A torn meniscus presents with deep knee joint swelling and pain. Patellar tendonitis is characterized by pain between the tibia and the kneecap, according to Mayo Clinic.

Other symptoms of underpronation are tightness in the hips and calves, shin splints and piriformis syndrome, notes Dr. Campos. Underpronation is also known as oversupination.

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