What Are the Signs of a Torn Knee Ligament?


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Signs of a torn knee ligament may include knee swelling and severe pain. Additionally, patients may experience a feeling of joint looseness and an inability to place weight on the joint. A knee ligament injury can also cause the knee to give out when pivoting or twisting, according to WebMD.

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What Are the Signs of a Torn Knee Ligament?
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Extreme stress placed on the knee ligaments can cause them to stretch or even tear, causing sudden and debilitating pain. While the injury is occurring, it can cause a loud popping or snapping sound. The knee may also fill with blood and require draining by a medical professional. Signs of a knee ligament injury can often be diagnosed with the use of x-rays, MRI scans or other tests, states WebMD.

Some of the causes of knee ligament injuries include an impact trauma to the knee, overextension, jumping and landing on a bent knee, quickly shifting weight from one leg to the other, or stopping when running and twisting the knee while the foot is planted, according to WebMD. These types of injuries are common in athletes such as soccer players, gymnasts and skiers.

Knee ligament injuries are problematic because they can cause discomfort months or years later and can potentially permanently alter a patient's lifestyle. In some cases, knee ligament injuries can heal on their own in time and with proper care and management strategies such as wearing a knee brace. However, some knee ligament injuries can require reconstructive surgery, notes WebMD.

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