What Are the Signs of Tonsil Cancer?


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The signs of tonsil cancer include a sore at the back of the throat that does not heal, bad breath, swallowing difficulty, ear ache and altered taste sense, claims Healthgrades. Other signs of tonsil cancer are bleeding, tonsil size difference, talking difficulty, hoarseness, throat pain and swollen neck lymph nodes.

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What Are the Signs of Tonsil Cancer?
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Tonsil cancer is cancer that attacks the throat tonsils, according to Healthgrades. Aside from occurring in pharyngeal tonsils and lingual tonsils located behind the nasal cavity and at the back of the tongue respectively, tonsil cancer mostly attacks the palatine tonsils located on either side of the throat.

When a sore that fails to heal occurs at the back of the throat, an individual may experience enlargement of neck lymph nodes and weight loss, leading to tonsil cancer, explains Healthgrades. Breathing problems, which include breath shortness, difficulty breathing, wheezing, choking, labored breathing, and blood vomiting or vomiting of black material that resemble coffee grounds are a few serious symptoms of tonsil cancer. An individual who experiences these symptoms should immediately seek medical care.

Whereas radiation therapy or surgery can be suitable for the treatment of early tonsil cancer, chemotherapy can be ideal for an advanced tonsil cancer, notes Healthgrades. For a patient to regain his eating, talking and swallowing abilities after surgery, he should undergo rehabilitation.

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