What Are the Signs and Symptoms of a Torn Calf Muscle?


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The signs and symptoms of a torn calf muscle include a sudden, sharp pain in the calf, and some people report hearing a popping sound, according to About.com. Swelling and bruising may also appear, and it is often difficult to walk due to the calf injury.

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A grade 3 calf strain, which is a full tear in the calf muscle, may take three to four months to fully heal, explains About.com. The first thing a person who suspects a calf injury must do is use rest, ice, compression and elevation on the calf. The individual should wrap the calf and keep it at a higher elevation for about 24 hours to keep swelling down. Anti-inflammatory medications may help to reduce pain. Over time, the muscle re-attaches to the tendon, but it may become more prone to the same injury.

A visit to a doctor or physical therapist may help to speed up the healing process, as About.com suggests. Resting the muscles and taping the calf is a way to speed up the healing process, and eventually, a patient's doctor may suggest range of motion exercises to get the muscle moving again. As the muscle heals, progressive calf stretching exercises may improve the strength of the muscle and help prevent future calf injuries.

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