What Signs and Symptoms Are Seen With Testicular Cancer?


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Some of the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer include pain in the testes, heavy feeling in the scrotum, formation of a lump, pain in the lower back and belly, chest pain, difficulty breathing, fatigue, coughing and sweating. This cancer is most commonly experienced by young or middle-aged men, according to the National Cancer Institute.

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Most testicular cancers are treated through surgery or chemotherapy. The type of treatment recommended by the doctor depends on the area affected and the extent to which the cancer may have spread.

Meditation and yoga are some of the techniques used to relieve stress and effectively manage the spread of the cancer. Other techniques include acupuncture for pain reduction and respiratory exercises for relaxation. There is no known way of preventing this cancer from developing.

To determine whether a person has testicular cancer or not, doctors may carry out various tests including blood tests, imaging tests and testicular ultrasound. There is no clear cause of testicular cancer meaning every male may get it. However, people with testicles that have not descended into the scrotum from the lower abdomen, people with Klinefelter syndrome and those with a family history of testicular cancer are at a higher risk of getting it.

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