What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Radiculitis?


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The signs and symptoms of radiculitis begin with radicular pain that is felt down the pathway of the affected nerve, explains the Atlantic Spine Center. Sometimes the pain is accompanied with a sensation of tingling, numbness and muscle weakness. This pain and other symptoms tend to be mild in early stages, but increase to a serious level if the condition is not treated.

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There are two types of radiculitis: cervical radiculitis and lumbar radiculitis, explains the Atlantic Spine Center. Signs and symptoms of cervical radiculitis include local neck pain; pain that tends to flow down the arms and into the hands; numbness in the fingers, hands and arms; muscular weakness in the arms; and sometimes pain in shoulder or chest depending on the affected nerve. Lumbar radiculitis signs and symptoms include local lower back pain, pain that runs down the legs into the feet, numbness in the legs and burning pain in the hips.

When the skin becomes very sensitive to touch or the muscles start getting weaker, this may indicate early signs of nerve damage, explains the Atlantic Spine Center. If radiculitis is allowed to progress untreated, it worsens to a point of loss of muscle tissue and, in some cases, nerve death.

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