What Are Some Signs and Symptoms of Ketosis?


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Signs and symptoms of diabetic ketosis or diabetic ketoacidosis, include excessive urinating, dry mouth and thirstiness, explains WebMD. People with diabetic ketosis may also experience vomiting, nausea, fatigue, confusion and difficulty breathing.

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Diabetic ketosis occurs when acids build up in the blood, according to WebMD. Individuals experience symptoms of this condition when blood sugar is too high for a long period of time. Diabetic ketosis can be life-threatening if patients are not treated within a few hours by a medical professional. Patients with high blood sugar and symptoms of diabetic ketosis should try and bring blood sugar down and re-test the ketone levels in the blood within 30 minutes. Some patients may require insulin to regulate the blood sugar.

Patients with diabetes can work to prevent high blood sugar levels or diabetic ketoacidosis by taking medications as directed and testing blood sugar regularly, according to WebMD. A diabetic meal plan should be followed, and patients should incorporate exercise into their daily routine to prevent high blood sugar levels from developing into diabetic ketoacidosis.

Diabetic ketoacidosis is more common within individuals with Type 1 diabetes, explains WebMD. Stress or illnesses increase the risk for diabetics and can lead to dehydration if clear, sugar-free fluids are not consumed on a regular basis.

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