What Are the Signs and Symptoms of a Hernia for Females?


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Signs and symptoms of a hernia in a female include a bulge visible near the upper thigh in the groin area and hip pain, according to Healthline. A female with a hernia may experience discomfort when lifting objects, straining or standing up.

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Severe symptoms that indicate a hernia within a female patient is obstructing the intestines include vomiting, nausea and stomach pain, according to Healthline. Strangulation, a condition where the bowel tissues and intestines are at risk of dying to the lack of blood flow, is a sign that the hernia needs emergency treatment.

When a hernia is small to moderate-sized, some female patients do not experience any symptoms, according to Healthline. A hernia in a female patient is diagnosed through a physical examination where a physician may inspect the bulging area and conduct an ultrasound of the groin and abdominal area. An ultrasound or imaging device can detect holes in the wall of the muscles in addition to hernias.

Femoral hernias that are small to moderate-sized and do not cause pain or discomfort for patients may not require treatment, according to Healthline. Physicians commonly monitor the condition regularly. Patients with symptoms of discomfort and moderate to larger hernias typically undergo surgery to repair the tissue damaged by the hernia.

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