What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Final Stage CML?


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Signs and symptoms of final stage CML include feeling ill, having fever or a reduced appetite, or losing weight, according to WebMD. However, not all patients of final stage CML experience these symptoms. Many are not aware that the disease has progressed until blood tests show that it has.

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Most patients being treated for CML take medications that effectively prevent the disease from advancing to its late stages, notes WebMD. Nonetheless, between 10 and 15 percent of patients reach advanced stages of the disease, at which point abnormal platelets and blood cells outnumber normal ones in the blood, due to gene problems. CML can also reach a blast crisis when blast cells begin to make up more than 20 percent of the cells located in the blood or bone marrow.

Treatments for CML include tyrosine kinase inhibitor medication, notes WebMD. Typically, when an individual progresses to final stage CML, doctors suggest prescribing either a new tyrosine kinase inhibitor, a different type of drug or chemotherapy. This is because tyrosine kinase inhibitors have limited effectiveness at the final stage of CML treatment. This therapy can slow down progression of the disease but cannot cure it. Some doctors may suggest a bone marrow transplant, otherwise known as a stem cell transplant.

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