What Are the Signs and Stages of Cirrhosis?


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Some of the signs of individuals suffering from cirrhosis of the liver include bleeding or bruising easily, jaundiced eyes and skin and problems with concentration and memory, according to the American Liver Foundation. The stages leading to cirrhosis include inflammation and fibrosis of the liver.

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Individuals suffering from inflammation of the liver, whether because of illness, abuse of chemicals such as alcohol or an autoimmune disorder, often feel little or no discomfort, so the condition may go undiagnosed, says the American Liver Foundation. If the inflammation of the liver is diagnosed and treated properly, the liver has the capability to recover fully. Left untreated and under certain conditions, the liver develops scar tissue as it heals from inflammation repeatedly. This is clinically known as fibrosis.

As more scar tissue builds up during this stage, the flow of blood to certain parts of the liver is impeded, meaning that the healthy part of the liver has to take up the slack, reports the American Liver Foundation. This stress may lead to compounded inflammation and scarring. If the condition is caught at this stage and treated properly, the liver can heal over time. If left untreated, however, the condition can worsen to the point at which the liver no longer has the capability to heal itself. This is the very serious condition known as cirrhosis, which could lead to cancer or liver failure.

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