What Are the Signs That Someone Is a Hoarder?


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People with hoarding disorder typically amass various things and place them in different areas in their homes, and they exhibit messiness and trouble disposing of hoarded items, reports Mayo Clinic. Other signs include being overly attached to belongings, collecting heaps of newspapers and magazines, allowing food or garbage to accumulate to unsafe levels, and trouble performing daily activities due to frequent procrastination and inability to make sound decisions.

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Individuals with hoarding disorder continue to collect unnecessary items despite the lack of available space in their homes, notes Mayo Clinic. They find it hard to get rid of things and feel uncomfortable in lending possessions to others. They tend to rearrange piles of items but do not throw away anything.

Hoarding disorder requires medical attention by a doctor or mental health professional, as it severely impacts the actions, emotions and decisions of affected people, states Mayo Clinic. People with this disorder feel embarrassed with their hoarding habits and lack social connections. They believe hoarded things are useful in the future or the items hold emotional value that reminds them of memorable moments or loved ones. Having the items near them makes them feel safe.

In some cases, people with hoarding disorder collect numerous animals and place them indoors or outdoors, according to Mayo Clinic. Hoarding too many animals poses health risks both to the animals and the owners, especially when they don't receive proper care.

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