What Are Some Signs That Someone Is in an Abusive Domestic Situation?


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Some signs that someone is an abusive domestic relationship include frequent injuries and changes in personality, according to Care2. An abused partner tends to be socially dependent and constantly has to defend against accusations of infidelity from a possessive partner, as The Allstate Foundation notes.

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A person in an emotionally abusive relationship is subject to constant ridicule and insults from her partner, and an abused partner may have frequent injuries and try to make excuses to cover up her situation. Initially confident individuals develop low self-esteem, tend to be anxious and may develop suicidal tendencies when they are in an abusive domestic relationship.

When a relationship becomes toxic, an abused partner’s personality may start to change. She may suddenly change her clothing habits by wearing clothes to mask bruises or scars and alter her interests in an attempt to please her partner. In social settings, a person may try hard to appear enthusiastic to hide the dysfunctional relationship.

Abusers make their victims socially dependent on them by restricting their contact with friends and family, says Care2. They accompany them in public and rarely allow them to be alone. They also limit their access to resources such as money, credit cards and vehicles, as The Allstate Foundation explains, and in some instances, they place their abused partners under constant monitoring by making them constantly report their actions and whereabouts.

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