What Are Some Signs of Serious Flirting?

Signs of serious flirting can include extended eye contact, touching and lots of attention. Body language, vocal patterns and extra grooming can also indicate flirting.

Clues that indicate when someone is flirting can include looking for opportunities to touch the other person. These touches are casual, such as a pat on the arm during a conversation. Other indications of flirtation can include signs of nervousness, such as blushing and stammering. The flirter may also mention that he is single.

When someone flirts, he pays attention to the person who interests him. He chooses to spend time with the other person instead of his friends. He shows interest in the same things, compliments the other person, and laughs at the other person's jokes. He may also tease the other person. A flirt may mimic the other person's body language and vocal intonations.

When someone wants to respond to flirtatious behavior, she can indicate that she welcomes the attention, possibly by acting in a similar manner. If someone is not interested in flirting, she can let the other person know though her actions. For example, if the flirt touches her, she can let the flirt know she does not appreciate the gesture.