What Are Some Signs That You're Ready to Get Engaged?


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You are likely ready to consider getting engaged if you have been with your partner at least six months, feel a strong sense of mutual trust and respect and feel comfortable being completely honest with one another. Additionally, if you've discussed important topics such as finances, faith, children or firm future goals regularly without major ongoing arguments, this is also a positive signal that you're ready to commit to one another.

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Getting engaged should reflect your comfort level with your partner and their comfort level with you. You should both agree on important, difficult topics, such as catastrophic medical care, whether or not you'll have a family, how household bills will be handled and emotional boundaries within your relationship, such as trust and fidelity. If your partner has helped you through a major crisis, such as a prolonged illness or the loss of a loved one, he or she could be considered marriage material if they handled it well. In general, an engagement should be an emotionally honest contract between two people that love one another and want to take on life as a team, and should never be forced, coerced or used as a bargaining chip to gain a certain outcome or situation.

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