What Are the Signs of Pneumonia in Children?


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Some symptoms of pneumonia in children include fever, shaking chills and stuffy nose, according to Kids Health. Other symptoms are chest pain, loss of appetite and difficulty breathing. Signs of pneumonia can vary depending on the age of the child and the cause of the illness. Vomiting and stomach pain can also be signs of pneumonia, and in very severe cases, children may develop a blue or gray color in their lips and fingernails.

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If pneumonia is affecting the lower part of the lungs, a child is less likely to have breathing problems, notes Kids Health. When bacteria is the cause of the pneumonia, children become sick quickly, and the common symptoms are fever and rapid breathing. When a virus is the cause of pneumonia, symptoms are often not as severe and do not appear as quickly. In older children, a headache, rash and sore throat are all characteristics of pneumonia due to Mycoplasma.

Babies who develop pneumonia because of chlamydia may also get pinkeye, and mild sickness with no fever may be the only symptoms. Babies who have pneumonia due to whooping cough often struggle to breathe, have long coughing fits and turn blue. Length of time before onset of symptoms can vary depending on the cause of the infection, states Kids Health.

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