What Are the Signs of a Nervous Breakdown?


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According to the Mayo Clinic and Women's Health Magazine, signs of a nervous breakdown may differ depending on the person, but they generally include a number of unusual or dysfunctional behaviors including anxiety, short-tempered behavior, lowered sex drive, difficulty focusing, and missing work and appointments for more than several days. They also include shunning social situations and changes in hygiene, eating and sleeping.

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What Are the Signs of a Nervous Breakdown?
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The Mayo Clinic notes that "nervous breakdown" is not a medical term, but it does point to a problem that needs attention. In many cases, the problem may be related to mental health, such as anxiety or depression. A person who is about to have a nervous breakdown is no longer functioning as usual.

As for anxiety, Women's Health Magazine explains that the anxiety does not seem to come from a specific place. Rather, it takes the form of a sense of foreboding. It can happen even if many things in a person's life, such as jobs and relationships, are going well. Stressors may have been deeply buried, and they need to be addressed to avert a nervous breakdown. People who think they may be experiencing a nervous breakdown should talk to their primary care doctors, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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